FF22 Employee of the Month (TBC)
The hilarious smash hit French comedy written and directed by, and starring Jérôme Commandeur (Welcome to the sticks, Ma famille t’adore déjà). Vincent, a long time civil servant refuses to move on from his cushy job for life. When the new local mayor demands cuts to the budget, disgruntled inspector Isabelle (Pascale Arbillot) orchestrates a series of undesirable transfers for Vincent, from the worst corners of France to the North Pole... but will it be enough to finally force him to quit the bureaucratic system that he’s become so accustomed to?
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Fri 10 Jun
Tue 14 Jun
Fri 17 Jun
Tue 21 Jun
Thu 23 Jun
Sat 25 Jun

Session Key: BIA = Babes in Arms, GNO = Girls’ Night Out, SSP = Senior Sneak Peek.