FF22 Love Songs for Tough Guys (TBC)
Featuring a delicious ensemble cast led by François Damiens and Vanessa Paradis, the hilarious new romantic comedy from Samuel Benchetritisa charmingly-affectionate fable of a disparate group of ordinary people finding love and fulfilment through an unexpected source: the arts. In the port city of Dunkirk, weary crime boss Jeff (The Belier Family’s wonderful Damiens) has a big problem: young punks are muscling in on his turf. But Jeff is distracted: he’s fallen for Roxane, a supermarket cashier he adores from afar. Taking a leaf from the Cyrano playbook, he tries to win her heart by writing love poems but doesn’t have the courage to deliver them. Meanwhile, Jeff's grizzled and near-mute enforcer is sent to shake down local suburban widow Suzanne (a never-better Paradis), who is preparing to portray Simone de Beauvoir in the community theatre’s annual musical, but instead finds himself drawn in to the actual production.
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