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Release Date: 22nd November




★★★★ 1⁄2 – Graeme Tuckett, DomPost

“A delightfully warm-hearted film that turns a topical minefield into an inviting meadow you’ll want to roll around in” – NZ Herald

“These ladies might be dressed in black during their working hours, but their stories and personas are colourfully entertaining” – Stuff NZ

“A sincerely sweet bundle of nostalgic joy, the fine new Australian movie Ladies in Black is unwrapped amidst a lovely, light-drenched and laid-back Sydney we will never see the likes of again”- Herald Sun

“This is a deftly assembled and rigorously paced showcase for some truly excellent comic writing and performances” – DomPost

“Lovely to look at from afar, but boasting extra detail when seen from a closer vantage” – Concrete Playground

“Ladies in Black quietly but effectively points out the seldom-stressed positives of immigration and integration, and thus deserves attention far beyond its own native shores” – Hollywood Reporter